Can you make a double decker bus into an outdoor classroom?

My attention in the last few weeks has been drawn away from the animals down on the farm and onto a rather big, yellow object! About a year ago I persuaded my then head teacher to buy a double-decker bus to convert into an outdoor learning environment as a  complement to the farm. The first year of the project has been rather slow: the bus arrived, we parked it up and then not a lot happened!


In the past few weeks the project has finally gotten up and rolling! We had an electrician come in and wire the bus up with heating, lights and sockets and the necessary safety lights. Now comes the hard work!


My vision for the downstairs of the bus is to be a small group/workstation area. I’m planning on reusing four of the old seats to creat small work areas, with tables in the middle. The backseat will be expanded on and turned into a U shape with a table in the middle for a larger group of children to get around and work at. There will also be a storage unit.


Upstairs we are going to be a little more creative. I plan on using artificial grass on the floor and then have flowers/trees/animals painted up the walls, so that it mirrors the outside environment. The children will then have bean bags and cushions to sit on, but I hope the area will be flexible in its use.

This is a massive project and very daunting, but I will not let it fail! It will become an inspiring and energizing space for the children and hopefully the local community to use. It’s just going to take a lot of hard work and determination.

I hope to share the progress of this project on this blog in the coming months, ready for its grand opening in the summer (fingers crossed).

I can not do this project on my own, and I would love as many people and companies as possible to get involved in the project! If you think you or your business can help, in any way possible, please email me at

Many thanks and watch this space….


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