4 things to cook with children on a camp fire!

Children need to engage in risk if they are to learn to how deal with risks. Education in the past 10 years has become scared of children taking risks, but green shoots of change are slowly appearing. Allowing children to take risks is key to them learning how to  manage it.

Cooking over an open fire is an easy way to expose children to a manageable degree of risk and with very tasty outcomes! Here are my top 5 things for children to cook on an open fire.

  1. Bread

Bread twists are a simple and delicious food to cook on the open fire. Mix together the following ingredients in a large bowl;

  • 1 cup of self raising flour
  • 2 tbsp of powdered milk
  • 1 tpsp of baking powder
  • 1/4 tpsp of salt
  • (optional) 1 tpsp of sugar

You will also need some vegetable oil to bind it together.

With the bread dough prepared, the children should heat the sticks over the fire.  Make sure they don’t burn – just enough to warm and sterilise the stick at the place that the bread dough will be going.

Get the children to start twisting the bread dough around the stick, using a bit of pressure so it adheres.  Then, cook over the fire.

The sticks should be maintained at a height where you can safely hold your hand for a few seconds before it gets hot.  Make sure they rotate their sticks regularly so that one side doesn’t get burnt.


2. Popcorn

You can buy special popcorn making pans which are designed to go over an open fire. I prefer the more ‘hand made’ approach! Get two metal sieves and attach them so they are facing each other. Tie them together with metal wire. Attach them to a long stick and off you go! Just put the un-popped kernels into the sieves, keep them moving around and wait for them to pop!


3. Chocolate Bananas

This one was my favourite when I was growing up! You need to let your fire burn down so there is no more flame. Cut open a banana (long ways, with the skin still on) and insert pieces of chocolate into the incision. You can experiment  with different types of chocolate, but from my experience buttons or a flake work well. Wrap the banana and chocolate in tin foil, place the parcel into the embers and leave for around 10 minutes. Take out and eat with a fork. Yum Yum!


4. S’mores

This is my son’s favourite food to cook on an open fire and a great introduction to outdoor cooking. Skewer a marshmallow and roast on the fire until it starts to turn gooey, sandwich between two biscuits and enjoy!